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Your Life, Your Health, Your Choice

God’s government is not based on coercion, Satan’s is. Whatever you decide to do, as an individual, may it be your decision and not mandated or coerced. Your life, your health, your choice. You also have a God-given right (a duty, really) to make the best choices you can for your children as well. There are certain God-given rights that are inalienable – you don’t have to ask for them, they are already yours! Don’t be afraid to stand up for those God-given rights.

Coercion, Conscience, and Courage – Pastor Ron Kelly Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, MI    August 2021 (Cue to 35:00 for start of message)

Dr. Peter McCullough (one of the most published
cardiologists ever in America), and several other distinguished individuals, participated in the Medical Freedom Panel 2023 (as found on Senator Doug Mastriano’s page).

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Link is to a YouTube channel (Shelter) that is hosting a series of 5 discussions ( from 2021) on the state of religious liberty and other related concerns.


This site is the source for many messages aired on KQQJ. Recordings available for listening or download, in 7 languages, and in multiple formats.

Lineage Journey – In the Holy of Holies, The Great Controversy, Chapter 24


A short video reviewing a pivotal change in Biblical understanding for Adventists, following the Great Disappointment of 1844. This and several other high quality, short video presentations can be found at