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To vaccinate or not? Are you confused by the conflicting information you’re receiving? In order to make an informed decision, you need all the information, not just one side. Here you will find the other side not readily available. The presenters have a wealth of experience to share, if they will be heard.

Whatever you decide, may it be your decision and not mandated. Your life, your health, your choice. There are certain rights that are inalienable – you don’t have to ask for them, they are already yours! Don’t be afraid to stand up for those God-given rights.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

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Dr. Simone Gold

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Belt of Truth Ministries presents Media on the Brain and other relevant content for this era of digital media. The messages are aired at various times throughout the week.

Religious Liberty

Link is to a YouTube channel (Shelter) that is hosting a series of 5 recently presented discussions (2021) on the current state of religious liberty and other related concerns.


This site is the source for many messages aired on KQQJ. Recordings available for listening or download, in 7 languages, and in multiple formats.

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